If the worst should happen, and your car becomes chipped, scratched or scuffed, what options are available to you? The first option is to do nothing, but this is not acceptable to most car owners as they want their car to look as good as possible. Realistically there are two options; have the damaged panel resprayed at a bodyshop or to have the damage touched in with paint. Before deciding how to proceed, the owner must ask themselves a few questions to determine what kind of repair to choose;

  • How does a Chipex paint touch in repair work? There are two different methods that can be employed when carrying out Chipex repairs. The first method is known as a 'paint plug'. When carrying out a paint plug, the touch in paint is applied directly to the area of paint damage using very fine brushes. The paint is gradually built up within the chip or scratch until it is level with existing paint on the car panel. Once cured, the repair is gently wet sanded before being machine polished. If required, we will apply a protective clear coat lacquer over the repair. The second method is known as a 'small to medium area repair technique' or a 'SMART' repair. When carrying out a SMART repair, initially the area of paint damage is wet sanded and/or filled to create a level surface. The touch in paint is then applied over the repaired damage using an air brush and the paint is blended in to the existing paint on the car panel. A protective clear coat lacquer will then be applied over the entire panel, before finally being refined and machine polished once fully cured.
  • How do I know if the damage on my car requires a paint plug repair or a SMART repair? In most cases, an area of paint damage can be repaired using either technique. So in most instances, it will be up to the customer to decide what they would like in line with their expectations and budget.
  • How successful is a Chipex paint plug or SMART repair? The first thing to mention is this; if you are looking for a near perfect repair, or are very particular regarding the aesthetics of your vehicle, a Chipex paint touch in repair may not be the repair for you. A paint plug repair is the most basic repair, and succeeds in creating a visual improvement of around 70%. This type of repair typically takes the eye off of the damage which before would have been very visible. A SMART repair is a more thorough repair and succeeds in creating a visual improvement of around 90%+. However, as we have already stated, if you are looking for a perfect repair then your best option would be to book the vehicle into a bodyshop for a full panel respray.
  • Will the paint provide a perfect colour match? Chipex touch in paint is prepared off site at an independent factory and is mixed to your vehicle's unique paint code. Although the colour match is very good, due to environmental factors such as aging and uv fading, a 100% accurate colour match can be difficult to achieve. A colour match of somewhere around 95% is a realistic expectation. Before booking your vehicle in for the repair, we will initially carry out a colour match test to ensure the touch in paint is the correct shade. Occasionally, we will receive a delivery of paint that falls short of our colour match expectations. Should this happen, we will contact our supplier to request a new batch of paint is mixed.
  • What is my budget? This is an important question to consider when determining what repair to choose. To have a damaged panel resprayed in a bodyshop will likely cost around £200/£300. This will increase considerably if more than one panel is damaged. In contrast, a paint touch in repair typically starts at around £65 for a paint plug or £100 for a SMART repair.

Having considered the questions above, and you are still unsure if a paint touch in repair is for you, please contact us and we will answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, please consider the three images below of paint touch in work we have carried out, or take a look at our Chipex gallery.