Paint Correction

What is paint correction?

Paint correction is a method of reducing or removing swirl marks, marring and minor scratches from the top clear coat layer of a vehicle's paintwork. Using a combination of machine polishing and wet sanding, compounding and polishing; the paint is gradually ‘corrected’ as the minor surface damage is removed.

The following diagram shows an example of the different layers that make up your vehicle's paintwork. All machine paint correction work takes place in the upper clear coat layer. Once a scratch or other damage has penetrated the clear coat layer, paint touch in or respray techniques need to be employed to reverse the damage.

Option One – Gloss Enhancement Machine Polish
The gloss enhancement machine polish consists of a combined light compound/finishing polish being used. This service will result in light swirl marks and hazing being removed from your car and will leave the car with an extremely smooth finish and exceptional shine.

Option Two – Two Stage Paint Correction
The two stage paint correction consists of separate compounding and finishing stages. This service aims to remove or reduce heavier swirl marks and reduce the appearance of marring, etching from bird droppings, surface oxidation etc. The result from this service will be an exceptional slickness to the paint with deep reflective qualities.

Option Three – Multi Stage Paint Correction
A multi stage paint correction will result in the removal of nearly all clear coat damage. The reflective qualities of the paintwork will be amazing as there will be very minimal surface damage left to difuse the light. Firstly, we inspect the paintwork to determine if any damage will require flat sanding before moving on to the compounding stage. A heavy compound is applied to remove deeper clear coat damage such as marring etc. The second stage of the process is to apply a swirl removal polish to remove the marks left behind due to the compounding stage. The final stage is to apply a fine finishing polish.