Decontamination Clean

The exterior decontamination clean is an essential part of the car care programme; especially if the vehicle is to be finished with a ceramic or wax coating. Like many things in life, preperation is the key to a successful job and this likewise applies to vehicles that are receiving a specialist coating. We offer two different stages of decontamination cleaning as detailed below;

Partial Decontamination Clean

  • We begin by washing the car with a citrus pre wash to remove all loose surface dirt
  • We then apply what is called a 'fall out remover' which dissolves minute metal particles that inevitably bed into our vehicle's paint due to the process of daily driving
  • The next process is to apply a tar remover to the paintwork removing all those tiny little black spots of tar that cling to our vehicle 
  • We now remove all carbon deposits and other contamination from the alloy wheels
  • Finally, we wash the car a second time with a strong detergent designed to remove any old polishes and waxes from the car, and we finish by rinsing with 100% pure filtered water

Full Decontamination Clean

  • The full decontamination clean includes all the services listed in the partial clean plus;
  • Carry out a full clay bar clean of all painted surfaces. The clay mitt removes any remaining contaminants from the paintwork surface
  • Using Swissvax Cleaner Paste, carry out a deep cleaning machine polish of paintwork