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Paint Protection Coatings

Wax Coatings

A wax coating is the most traditional coating we offer. Some people feel that wax coatings are outdated compared to the many new synthetic coatings available on the market today. However, wax coatings have certainly not been left behind and have also advanced considerably in recent times. The two wax options we offer are from the world class wax maker Swissvax, and are extremely durable and offer incredible gloss. As well as traditional ingredients such as Carnauba wax, our waxes also contain PTFE; a non-stick product that excels at repelling dirt. Generally speaking, a wax coating will provide four to six months protection before reapplication is required.

Polymer Coating

A polymer coating sits on top of the vehicle paintwork and cures to a tough, plastic-like finish. It is a synthetic coating, and has been developed to offer great gloss and medium term durability. A polymer coating generally lasts around twelve months before reapplication is necessary, but if well maintained on a monthly basis can last eighteen months or more. We currently offer two market leading polymer coatings; Autoglym Carbon Shield or Gtechniq EXO.

Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating is an extremely hard wearing coating. Unlike waxes and polymer coatings that sit on top of the vehicle paint, a ceramic coating chemically bonds with the vehicle paint and literally becomes the functional top layer of the paint. In basic terms, the ceramic coating cures to form a tough glass-like layer of paint protection. Consider the surface of a ceramic bathroom tile and this will give you some idea as to the finish on your vehicle. Although not a bullet proof coating as is often misrepresented on social media, a ceramic coating can resist swirl marks and minor scratching, and makes future cleaning quick and easy. Generally speaking, a ceramic coating will last two or three years, or even up to five years if well maintained. The ceramic coating we currently offer is Gtechniq Crystal Serum.